DJ Services

Skip the cheesy DJ and hire DJ Maestro

We’re a team of people people and we think weddings are freaking awesome. To us, DJing a wedding is about more than just being a great DJ (which we are). It’s about building a relationship with an awesome couple (that’s you) and helping craft a once in a lifetime celebration that won’t be forgotten. A wedding that’s unlike any other before it. A wedding that reflects your personality and style not only in the soundtrack we curate, but also the announcements we make, the flow of events, and the entire vibe of the day. Your wedding is all about you and we’re here to amplify that (pun intended). To us, that’s what it’s all about. And it doesn’t hurt that at the end of the night we’re regularly told “that was the best party I’ve ever been to!”

Based out of Los Angeles and Denver we’ve been DJing for amazing couples since 2011. Those couples have allowed us to bring our craft all over the US from Austin to St. Pete, New Orleans to New York (and of course all over California and Colorado). Weddings are what we do and we’re absolutely here for it. You worry about having fun, we’ll take care of the rest.